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Analysis of: Jews or Germans?
This article, while a difficult read due to issues with prose, is an analysis of David Fraser's and Frank Caestecker's article "Jews or Germans? Nationality Legislation and the Restoration of Liberal Democracy in Western Europe after the Holocaust" published in Law and History Review. Fraser's and Caestecker's article discusses the ways in which Jews were mistreated, during and after the end of World War Two, by Western governments. This article exposes the treatment of many of the Jewish migrants seeking refuge from governments hostile to their very being.
Aspects of French propaganda during the Vichy period
An Essay about propaganda that came out of the Vichy Administration of World War Two. This essay heavily cites Robert Paxton's groundbreaking work, Vichy France. With a heavy focus on propaganda directed at Jews and Freemasons, this essay seeks to navigate away from the apologetics that seems to surround modern day recountings of the Vichy Administrations crimes.
Alexander the "Lucky"
An essay discussing whether Alexander the "Great" deserves the title of the "Great" and if he should be so highly regarded by modern Historians.
Whose History is it?
An essay on who historical artifacts belong to and discussing ISIL’s destruction of artifacts throughout the middle-east.
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